When Should You Start Using a Breast Pump?

While breastfeeding, breastfeeding is not only a pleasure for the mother but also the child. It is a precious gift from motherhood to the child. The child will be breastfed by its mother for nine months, thus nurturing the mother’s body and also the baby’s skin as it is very sensitive.

Breastfeeding is not an easy task because a lot of blood is lost in milk secretion and more important is to feed the baby the milk from the breasts. A nursing mother can easily get tired. Since most of the time she is pumping and nursing, her breasts are always exposed to dirt and pollutants and can develop sores and rashes.

So she may get fatigued and weak, but if she stops pumping or nursing, there are chances that her milk supply may reduce and also the nutrients that she used to pump it with. If you think that your nursing is affected, then it is important to stop feeding your baby for a day or two. You may notice that your milk supply will come back to normal soon enough. However, if your breast milk is not increasing by feeding your baby than you have to find out what causes the decrease in your milk supply.

There are many factors that may affect the flow of breast milk. It could be pregnancy or something that is happening inside your body. It could be an infection, lactose intolerance, low blood sugar levels, too much pressure on the nipples or overactive muscles on the nipples.

All these may result to a negative effect on the breast milk. To remedy this problem, you can use a best nipple cream or lotion to calm down your milk. However, if the situation is getting worse, then it is time to use a breast pump and milk from your breasts again.

A breast pump is one way to stimulate the breast milk. In order to get the best results of using the breast pump, you have to first make sure that your milk supply is normal.

The milk from the breast has to be tested before you can start pumping. Testing the milk gives you a sense of how much milk your breasts can produce. If you fail to produce enough milk after a few tries, you can stop pumping and try again a few days later.

Some milk cannot be pumped at all and is just for drinking. The breast milk will help you determine how much milk your body can pump out every time. This will give you an idea of the volume of milk that you can pump out of your body.

Pumping out the milk is a routine that should be done every two hours, if you want the milk to be healthy and safe for the baby. You may need to pump until the milk comes out.

After your milk has been pumped and the milk collected, you can start using a breast pump. You have to set the pressure to the correct amount so that your milk is pumped out. You also have to give your body a rest and relax while pumping.

As long as the pressure is set correctly, you do not have to change the pressure every few minutes while using the breast pump. But, if you need to, you have to change the pressure when you see that the milk flow is changing or there is a problem.

It is not very easy to breast pump so it is advisable to get the advice of a doctor before you start using a breast pump. The advice of the doctor will help you make the right decision of choosing a breast pump.

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