When childbirth seems to never come

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Tricks to cause childbirth? Of all the tricks that exist, making love can undoubtedly be one of the most pleasant. Human sperm contains very stimulating natural prostaglandins for the uterus unless the doctor has contraindicated sex is not dangerous for the baby. However, it is normal for many adults to worry, especially men, who often consider that they could harm their partner or even the baby by having sex during pregnancy.

Another way to induce labor at home is with exercise. Walking or going up and downstairs is also exercise and, in addition, doing so helps the baby’s head begin to exert more and more pressure on his cervix as well.

And the spicy and exotic food? Could it also be considered a homemade way of inducing labor? That’s right, this can also work for it, as long as it doesn’t cause heartburn later. Of course, remember that castor oil is completely prohibited during pregnancy because it causes nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, dehydration and even jerking uterine contractions.

When labor does not arrive, should it be caused? Reasons for induction

Most doctors are not willing to cause childbirth if the mother is in good health and there is no obvious problem such as hypertension, for example. Therefore it is essential to stay active and organize some trips and visits.

But if you have already passed the 40th week and no, it does not seem at all that there are indications that you are going to give birth, and yes you have also tried some homemade methods that can help to give birth there are times when this It has to be induced if everything seems to remain the same, that is, there will come a time when doctors do believe it is necessary to induce labor. For what reasons?

The medical balance, as we saw, is inclined in some cases by artificial induction since the danger that it poses for you and the baby to continue with pregnancy weighs more than the increased risk of cesarean section. Some of the reasons are due to:

  • Low level of amniotic fluid in the uterus
  • Preeclampsia
  • Prolonged Gestation
  • Baby growth problems

But it arrives, when and what are the stages of childbirth?

Of course, arriving arrives, although we don’t know when exactly. A few days before delivery, you may notice some symptoms that indicate that less and less is missing as:

  • Feeling of lowering the period: discomfort or sensation similar to when you are going to lower the period, such as persistent pain in the lower back.
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions: although at six weeks you are already feeling them, during the last weeks the Braxton-Hicks contractions become more intermittent.
  • Slight diarrhea: loose bowel due to the effect of increased urinary activity on the body.
  • Lightness in the abdomen: the discomfort around the ribs will be relieved, as a rule, and you will feel some lightness as the baby’s head snaps into the pelvis.
  • Burst of energy: there are many women who experience a sudden burst of energy that also in recent weeks have felt quite tired.
  • Irritability: You may also feel impatient and in a bad mood.

Finally, and after knowing the first symptoms that indicate that there is little left for childbirth, it is also important to know how to distinguish the different stages of this process :

  • The first stage: in this first phase of labor, contractions begin and consolidate. These are becoming stronger and longer-lasting. They could last even twelve hours with the first baby. In it, three sentences are differentiated: latent (the longest) that can last about eight hours and in which the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčerased; the active one, which is when the cervix opens completely; and the transitional one, in which the cervix reaches its maximum dilation, before the expulsion of the baby takes place.
  • The second stage: at this stage the baby leaves the mother’s womb and is pushed outside by the birth canal.
  • The third stage: the expulsion of the placenta takes place in the third and final phase of labor. Almost no pain, although cramps may appear.

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