Skin care during pregnancy

The importance of your skin during pregnancy

Yes, the truth is that in addition to affecting what happens to a pregnant woman internally, hormonal changes also greatly affect the outward appearance.

There are many women who look much better during pregnancy. However, there are some who believe that pregnancy has the opposite effect. The skin? One of the changes that moms most notice?

The skin may also look better during pregnancy because of all hormonal changes, fluid retention and increased blood flow, resulting in softer skin. But the opposite effect can also occur and it is that it begins to develop some spots. This will make the future mom have to take care of her much more during pregnancy.

In addition, we must also take into account that the skin usually darkens in this period, although the reason is really unknown. Some experts do believe that this may be due to increased levels of estrogen and also a melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which stimulates skin pigmentation.

Stretch marks are also common during pregnancy, which usually on the belly, on the breasts, on the hips or on the legs. Stretch marks are initially pink or purple lines and may even itch. After pregnancy they no longer have this color, but rather become a kind of pale wrinkles and a silvery-white color.

The reason for its appearance is not yet very well known, but the truth is that they are much more common if you are young, if you have a very large baby or if a lot of weight has been taken during pregnancy.

How to take care of the skin during pregnancy?

The skin is always important, but it is much more during pregnancy and you have to take good care of it. To bring proper and proper skin hygiene, it is necessary to use creamy and neutral soaps throughout the gestation process.

Of course, during pregnancy hot baths are not recommended. The shower is ideal, although without limitations of numbers, but with restriction as to the temperature of the water. In addition, for the skin to be properly hydrated and well maintained during pregnancy, it is essential to hydrate the entire body, but especially the abdomen, breasts, and chest.

To avoid skin irritations, use an unscented cream and wash only with a mild soap. If the pregnant woman feels too dry skin, you can apply unctuous balm products, and if it becomes somewhat oily, preferably opt for milk and oil-free products.

What to do if itching and hives appear in pregnancy? The truth is that during the gestation period it is usually quite common the appearance of hives and itching in pregnancy, mainly due to the stretching of the skin to adapt to the new measures.

The most common itching is usually in the abdomen and breasts. Also, it must be taken into account (although nothing happens) that there is a very small percentage of pregnant women who experience itching during pregnancy. This causes, therefore, the appearance of hives and spots in the gut, especially during the third trimester. They are safe for both the mother and the baby, but the doctor will prescribe to the mother the use of a cream and an antihistamine. Normally the condition disappears after giving birth.

Beauty and cosmetic treatments recommended caring for the skin during pregnancy

The beauty and cosmetic treatments that many times pregnant women want to do are not too recommendable, or yes, and there is no problem in doing so at this stage of life, but it is important to know exactly what it is and what is not the most appropriate to do during the entire gestation period.

  • Products for nails and hair: shampoos, conditioners, manicures, and pedicures are safe. The skin during pregnancy can absorb tiny amounts of hair dye. In addition, there is no evidence that this affects the baby, although it is advisable to wait for the second trimester of pregnancy. Chemical fixers and hair curling products are also safe.
  • Piercings: facial or navel, nipple or genital piercings are not advised to increase the risk of infection. In addition, nipple piercings can interfere with breastfeeding so it is advisable to remove the piercing before breastfeeding the baby so that the skin heals properly.
  • Tanning: this is not advised with UVA rays to be harmful. In addition to overheating the body (damaging the baby) they can also undo folic acid. Tanning lotions, for example, are safe, although it is best to do an analysis to check for possible allergies.
  • Body wraps or hot tubs: These raise the body temperature so it is not safe for the mother or the baby. It has been proven, for example, that the temperature rise in a jacuzzi at least during the first three months may increase the risk of spina bifida.
  • Facials: facial cosmetics are also considered safe during pregnancy, although as with tanning lotions, it is best to check beforehand on a small part of the body whether or not it gives a reaction.
  • Botox: About Botox its safety is quite discussed by its natural poison. Localized injection, for example, suggests that it is safe, and women who have received injections before knowing they were pregnant have not experienced any side effects and their babies have not, but doctors do not advise Botox during pregnancy.

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