Five tips for a healthy mouth in pregnancy

Tell your dentist that you are pregnant

It is important that your usual dentist knows that you are pregnant so that it is he who properly informs you of the steps you should follow now that you are going to be a mother. At that time you will perform a complete oral review and advise you to monitor some of the changes that may occur in it.

Make quarterly reviews

Everything can go well, but it is important not to lower your guard because hormonal changes also affect your mouth and gums become more vulnerable to bacterial plaque.

Always keep your teeth clean

Do not forget that it is now more important than ever to keep your teeth clean, so be sure to brush your teeth and tongue three times a day after each meal for at least three minutes.

Use a fine bristle brush and change it every three months

During pregnancy, you will also notice that your gums will be much more sensitive. Use a soft toothbrush that prevents irritation and protects your enamel. Do not forget to change it every three months so that bacteria do not accumulate.

Drink lots of water and take care of your diet

Always have a bottle of water on hand to avoid dry mouth and try to make your diet varied and rich in fiber and vitamins.

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