Abdominal hypopressive gymnastics in pregnancy?

What is hypopressive abdominal gymnastics?

In the first place, we should break down the term and it is that Hiccup comes from the Greek Hypo and means low, little, minor; and Pressive comes from French and means pressure. Therefore, hypopressive exercise is what causes a decrease in pressure . Increases and decreases in the pressures provided by hypopressive exercises take place and are measured inside cavities, in this case, the belly cavity of the pregnant woman.

In short, suppressants are physical exercises that provide benefits and sensations very different from those of conventional ones. In fact, performing hypopressive exercises will show the different achievements that these can provide you, unlike other techniques and other physical exercises.

To understand hypopressive exercises you have to imagine that the abdomen is like a balloon. That balloon is tight above when the person’s posture is deteriorated over the years and also by a sedentary lifestyle and aging; height is lost and column curves are also accentuated.

These factors of daily life are one of the main responsible for causing this constant and lasting pressure increase overtime on the abdomen, which in turn causes the internal organs to descend and the muscular walls (i.e. the abdominals and the floor pelvic) bulge.

Origin of hypopressive abs in Spain

In fact, there are many people who have played as children to put the abdomen or open the ribs so, in part, it is nothing new, at least in regard to the hypopressive gesture as such.

In hypopressive exercises, there are two things that are given special importance: posture and the peculiar way of breathing in which to contemplate apnea or non-breathing. Although, perhaps, the most spectacular of hypopressive exercise as such is the waist reduction that is caused at the time of apnea. Some of the experts say that this action of opening the ribs could be somewhat shocking to see it the first and even the second time.

However, the truth is that, if the execution is good and the person has ease of realization, the rib cage is dramatically enhanced, and the belly sinks and disappears.

And yes, this type of exercise is increasingly popular in Spain. In fact, ten years ago, hypopressive exercises were known only to physiotherapists and midwives in some northern European countries, as they were used as exercises to recover the pelvic floor and abdominal girdle in the postpartum period.

Currently, in many gyms, sports centers and also in all physiotherapy centers is aware that this type of exercise improves health, prevention, therapy, and sports performance. And you? Haven’t you done hypopressive abs in your gym yet?

When to perform hypopressive abdominal gymnastics?

In Spain and northern Europe, hypopressive techniques are known as the best recovery option after childbirth.

In fact, they were created as the healthiest alternative to traditional abdominals, being these first, a global training of the body that integrates abdominal, postural and pelvic floor training at the same time and that they train together for correct recovery of the Newly released mom.

But why do suppressants help postpartum recovery? For Piti Pinsach and Tamara Rial, authors of the book Hypopressive Exercises, much more than abdominals, for ten reasons:

  • Postural recovery.
  • Reduction of low back pain.
  • Improvement of abdominal diastasis.
  • Toning and reinforcement of abdominal muscles.
  • Recovery of pelvic floor muscle tone and sexual function.
  • Decreased symptoms of urinary incontinence.
  • Improvement in vascularization and return circulation.
  • Postpartum depression prevention.
  • Reduction of the effects of surgical interventions of childbirth.
  • Improvement of intestinal transit

When are the results of hypopressive abdominal gymnastics noticed?

Yes, indeed the results will be noticed very quickly. In fact, the benefits of these exercises in pregnancy will be felt and verified progressively, although some before others because it will depend, no doubt, on the reasons why you want to improve the newly released mom with hypopressives.

In addition, another important factor to consider is the body itself. It must be taken into account, above all, that each body is different and that, in addition, not everyone reacts in the same way to the stimuli of the hypopressive abdominals.

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